Thursday, July 7, 2011

My first "First Friday" and Flagstaff's Brand New "Mix"

Flagstaff has an artwalk every month and as the post title suggests it is the first Friday of every month. In all the years that it has been going on, neither of us had ever been. This past week, I finally went.

On of the biggest reasons we haven't ever attended was the fact that it draws a huge crowd. Most of the vendors offer wine/beer tasting and some people take advantage and just go for the booze not the art. This was no exception. There were masses of people everywhere and all sorts of law enforcement every time your turned your head. To me that is not my idea of a fun night downtown. In all fairness though, going on the Friday of a holiday weekend, was probably poor planning on our part.

Now that the griping is out of the way, let's talk some positives. I am so thankful that I have friends that understand the dynamic of being in love with a Wildland Firefighter. Jayde has been awesome about being the other member of our "support group". We started the evening at Revolution Bikes where various friends of ours including Jayde, and her roommate, as well as cyclists from around town, participated in stationary sprints. Even though I don't ride bikes, it was a lot of fun.

From there we moved on to a new restaurant of sorts, Mix On The Square. They are located in the Old Town Shoppes and open up to Heritage Square, which is the former location of Pesto Brother's Piazza. I added this new place to the Flagstaff Bucket List. So this Friday was a double win. And you all thought I had abandoned the project.

At Mix, the base of each meal is a sandwich/wrap or a salad. They had all sorts of fresh, organic and natural products, giving you the ability to make healthy lifestyle choices. With well over 30 toppings to choose from, you get to choose how healthy you want to be. Making your own decisions on the toppings leads to full on custom salads. Fresh grilled salmon, beef tips, ham and a whole lot more were available to land on your salad.

I went with the MIX Turkey Sandwich. The menu describes the choice as house roasted turkey served on a pretzel bun with lettuce, tomato, onion and boursin cheese finished with a honey-Dijon mustard sauce. It was delicious. The veggies weren't your standard unripened mushy tomato and wilted lettuce you find other places in town. They were quality and the flavors each stood out on their own while still combining together to create a harmonious complete flavor. The real surprise was the mustard sauce. It gave the sandwich a nice kick and lifted the whole thing to another level.

My absolute favorite part of the whole place is the free "Spa Water". Personally, I love Flagstaff tap water. It cool crisp and refreshing. Mix kicks Flagstaff water up a notch and offers different flavors of water. This time it was Cantaloupe and Lemon Mint. Both are delicious!

Photo Credit: Mix Photo- PJ Chilcottage

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