Monday, November 15, 2010

Blog Changes

Over the past week I have been thinking about ways to revamp this whole project. I have come up with a few ideas. As you have all noticed, sometimes there is a big lull between my foodie postings. Some of this has to do with sticking to recipes "that work". Another reason is the fact that Berkeley does some of the cooking in this house too. So as a way to bring some variety to the postings, and keep active updates, Berkeley is now a collaborator on the blog. Be on the lookout for his posts and please give him as much support as you have given me.

After a less than supportive conversation with a "friend", I want to make it known that our blogging is not to gain fame. We do not hope to "get rich" off of sharing our recipes with our friends, family, and the few readers we have had from around the globe. As I see it, the internet will be around a lot longer than you or I and will eventually evolve into some sort of greater technological source. Down the road, I want my kids to have access to "mom's recipes" from where ever they may be. This is a way to facilitate that. If you have any questions about our motives, check out our new disclosure policy.

One other change coming is the introduction of Happy Homemaker Mondays! I have been following Sandra at Full Bellies, Happy Kids since the very beginning of my blogging ventures. Her recipes always seem to pop up during recipe hunts. Most recently, I started reading her main blog, Diary of a Stay at Home Mom. Today's entry is a meme sort of thing that summarizes the past week. It looks like a simple and fast way to update the world with what is going on. And I gonna test run it for a few weeks.

In effort to make the blog more reader friendly, we are gonna fiddle with the layout again. It is a little too dark. We are busy over here in this house to share our world with you. So I hope you all enjoy the new changes!

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