Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Animal Initials

One craft I have been sitting on for a month or so now is a set of wooden letters I turned into wall decorations for my friend's baby. I had to wait to post about them because I didn't want to ruin her surprise! I originally had planned on doing each letter a different design. I got done with the letter I planned for giraffe print on and I just loved it. Sometimes you need a little bit of consistency.

I took each letter and finely sanded out any flaws in the wood. I then primed the letter with a light coating of yellow. Next I used a fine tipped pencil to lightly free hand some of the spots. I painted on two layers of the yellow color. Using a fine point paint brush, I gently used a mocha brown acrylic to paint the pre-outlined larger spots. Then I went back and free handed "filler" spots. I don't like the look of shiny, glossy wood so I finished each letter by adding a black ribbon hanger.

I am really proud with how these turned out. And I hope to be able to make more for more people. I just need to practice my free handing abilities. I also need to practice patterns other than giraffe! I plan on making these for another friend who will be having a baby here shortly. I just need to thinking of a design scheme. I am also flirting with the idea of making them to order and selling them on etsy.


Heather said...

I would totally buy these, they are so cute!! Not to mention I love giraffes :) Totally adorable.

I would definitely send you some money to ship them if you wanted to make some for me ;) Except not giraffe since we are doing her nursery in monkeys. and since I wouldn't expect you to draw monkeys on all of them, the underlying theme is polka dots, which would be super cute! The colors are green, pink, and brown... similar to this. and I would prefer it to just say "ELLY" instead of the initials.

hahaha, so it started as a comment and turned into a work order. :P please do not feel like you have to do this for me, but they are adorable and a great idea!

Ashley Marie said...

This order has been submitted and processed. You will be notified by email when your order ships. Thank you for your business!

Haha! For anyone else interested in these please be patient as I am currently considering opening an etsy.com shop.

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