Friday, July 9, 2010

NYC '10

If you read my earlier posts, I am sure you noticed NYC '10 as something being mentioned a lot. I have yet to really discuss it yet. It really isn't a craft thing, or a cooking thing per say. It is a trip I am planning December 2010 to New York City in conjunction with my aunt's wedding. So here is a semi post about what's going on and list of things I am interested in getting.

Her wedding is December 18th which is exactly 1 week before Christmas. Due to the timing, hotel reservations, and flights are astronomically high, and are getting pricier by the day. BK has never been NYC before, so this is our Christmas present to each other. To reduce costs, we are figuring out whether to fly in December 15th or 16th and were to stay. Another factor in the equation is where we fly from. It has been requested that we fly from Tucson instead of Phoenix. I think part of my craziness earlier today was the fact that I am so weighted down looking through all these flights and plans all by myself. If it were just for me, everything would be so much easier. I would take the shuttle to PHX and fly out and back. We also have to find a hotel for the first two/three days. So we shall see.

The fun part of a swanky wedding in NYC is the clothes! as part of the wedding party, I was given the gift of an awesome golden champagne colored silk dress. I also bought a nice dress for the rehearsal dinner and party! The only thing left is to find accessories and a some sort of cardigan, bolero or shrug for my arms since it will be nighttime in NYC in December. I don't want to go with just a plain black cardigan, or something that is too plain or covers the dress too much. I also want to find something to wear with the rehearsal dinner dress. It is black and a pink champagne color as seen to the far right.

As for accessories, I am looking for jewelry, shoes and maybe even hair goodies. For jewelry I want something vintage looking and gold, ya know, since the dress is gold. And maybe even pearls! If possible, I will use my own shoes. Or some cute little heels. Or something more casual. We were given instructions to choose our own footwear whether it be chucks or heels. I don't want to be the only one in "High Hells" or the only one wearing flats. The hair accessories are mostly for the rehearsal dinner. It's a swanky place, so I need to look swanky! The local stores in Flagstaff have some awesome and quirky accessories. So the hunt will continue. My biggest problem is picturing it all together. Maybe I just need to gather all my things and take a tour around town with all my dresses.

I also need to find something for BK. And before I go any further, I am not one of those crazy people that insists on dressing him! He is an adult that can do the job himself. I was given the task, by him, to find a shirt for him that matches what I am wearing but something that also looks manly. This isn't because he can't dress himself. It is because I am in the wedding, I know the colors, and I know the dress code. More importantly, he trusts me to find something of his liking for this event while he is busy working.

With that being said, finding something might be a little tough because our styles clash vehemently, especially when it comes to dress clothes. If worse comes to worse, I'll just get him a grey or black shirt with black slacks and an awesome tie. Sometimes a great tie makes the difference between an okay or blah dude and a sexy chic looking man! A plain gold silk tie like this or this on a black shirt and slacks or one that has a subtle pattern to it with gold as well like this?

Does anyone else get a euphoric feeling while shopping? Shopping is like my crack, except I can always say no. Oh, and I dont have to turn tricks to satisfy my needs or lack there of.

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