Wednesday, April 19, 2017

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enjoying documenting our life during this year's Week in the Life. I love capturing the details of what our life is like right now. If you'd like to see more of that documentation, it's happening this week (April 17-23 2017) over on my instagram @ashleyamak
appreciating that Teddy is at an age that enjoys interacting with the camera. I know sooner than later it will be a fight to get a decent shot. 
reading the Jesus Calling devotional most mornings. I don't discuss my faith much here but spending a little bit of time each day to center myself on The Word has really been beneficial for me. 
eating too many breads and sugars lately. I need to be better about following my anti-inflammatory diet.  
watching the Toy Story trilogy and Up several times a week. They are toddler favorites right now. 
fighting off a woodpecker from taking up residence on our patio. I never thought I would be at odds with a stubborn bird. I guess this is life as an adult. 
working on small patio renovation plans. I am trying to save some weather worn, outdated chairs, Berkeley is growing a more kid friendly front lawn and we are building planter boxes.
waiting not so patiently for warmer weather so the last of the snow and ice melt and we can get started on the bigger yard work. 
hoping to finally plant the vegetable garden we have been dreaming about since we moved into this house in January '16. 
thinking about how fast this past year has flown by. The last two winters, we have been blessed with consistent winter work for Berkeley. He didn't even experience his seasonal layoff this year. It has made for time to fly by. 
embracing this almost 2 year old toddler stage. In just three and a half weeks, I will have a two year old. Again, time is flying by. I will admit, the last month or so has not been my favorite stage. He is so stinking smart, and curious, and inquisitive that some days are a real battle of wills, but it also means that our good days are really awesome and outnumber the trying days. His sense of humor and laughter are everything!
doing my best to remember those moments and days on the more trying days.

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