Monday, February 27, 2017

Around Here Winter 2016-2017

Around here, I have seemed to fallen off the face of the earth again. I really do enjoy blogging here. I really enjoy curating what our life looks like and sharing recipes we love and projects we make. Blogging is like a time capsule for me and it really makes me sad sometimes that I don't have regular posts here from the last few years. Part of the issue this time was an unreliable laptop. Now that has been resolved, I have lots words and photos to share.

Around here, we are entering into the toddler phase. Teddy will be two this spring and most days, I can hardly believe it. Other days, I feel like I am barely hanging on trying to keep up with his antics and correcting his crazy behavior. He is so incredibly inquisitive and hard headed. Two awesome traits he gets from both parents. All that said, I wouldn't trade any of it. I love seeing who he is and watching his personality develop.

Around here really hasn't been around our usual neck of the woods which seems to be par for the course this past year. 2016 was filled with so many adventures. Weddings, camping trips, baby and bridal showers, and Disney Trips, along with regular trips to visit family, have taken up so much of our time. As exhausting as those things can be, I am so glad we have all these memories.

Around here we are celebrating a bunch of small milestones as my nephew makes progress after being born at 31 weeks. It was been a crazy month in that regard. I am so incredibly proud of how strong my sister and brother in law have been throughout this whole journey. I couldn't imagine being in that situation. It takes so much strength.

Around here, I finally feel like we have settled after our big move in August 2015. We are slowly growing roots here. In effort to feel more at home, I am planning on having a slow year. After spring break, we have no out of town event travel plans yet on our calendars. I plan on taking advantage of the fact that our local community loves parades, music festivals, and all those fun things.

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