Sunday, December 15, 2013

December Daily 2013 | Week 2 Pictures and Words

As I mentioned last week, instead of forcing myself to make the layouts and build the project during such a busy time for me this year, I am focusing on the stories I want to share. I am picking one photo and one story for each day and then sharing them at the end of the week.
I really love traditional Christmas carols. My favorite is Angels We Have Heard On High. There is something magic about it for me. Singing it gives me the warm tingles and makes me feel like it is truly Christmas.

Morning Routine: 0530 wake up 0600 get out of bed 0610 coffee, breakfast, spend time with Berke as he gets ready for work 0645 pack Berke's lunch 0700 Berkeley leaves, start reading 0800 get warmer clothes on 0810 salt front porch and walkway 0830 go through emails and blog reading list 0900 start blog content, check social media, work on projects 1100 make lunch.

One of my favorite ways to document is to write down the recipes of the food we are eating. When I put together actual project for December Daily, I will share the recipe there.

I spent most of the day working on keeping my Project Life albums up to date. While I may not have the photos, I am doing my best to get the dories in. One of the ways I have been telling stories in my Project Life album is using different prompts like 30 Days of Lists.

Berkeley and I bundled up for "an adventure". We are lucky to live in an area that is wooded. Our surroundings are just gorgeous! For our winter wreath, I decided I wanted to use pine instead of grapevine. This meant venturing out and searching the snow covered forest floor for fallen twigs and branches, and some pinecones. It was such a fun day and full of little moments that made a seemingly ordinary day a little magical.

I have a story for this day but it is not something I feel is suitable for the blog so it is saved as a Word document for now.

Training day! Berkeley and I carpooled up the mountain for work for the first time. It was just a training day for me but it was an overall great feeling. The kids were great! And the other employees were welcoming. I loved being in a new workplace and feeling useful and appreciated. Those were things that definitely were lacking when I parted ways with Michaels. As I trudged up the shop road to get to where we parked, the sun was setting with a perfect golden cast over the mountain. Today was really just a special day and the sunset was a perfect way to end it.

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