Sunday, December 8, 2013

December Daily 2013 {1}

Every season I plan to do some sort of daily December documentation from the first through the 25th. In reality it ends up being 20 out of the 25 days. The plan is still in place for this year. Instead of hurrying to get a small page done in a mini book or rushing to get a Project Life spread done, I am going to be sharing my stories here. Once I get into the flow of my new job, I am planning to use my posts here as a starting point to tackling the memory keeping project. I will be posting on Sundays the previous 7 days.

It is the first of December and all through our city, no snow is falling, not even a flurry! Normally, we have at least some ground cover by this time of year. Normally, there are quite a few storms. A few weeks back we had a weird mix of snow and rain but now all we have is freezing fog! On the upside the mountain is being covered.

Tiny fingers and tiny toes. I had Gretta and Amos all day. It was fantastic and trying all at the same time. These kids are growing up so fast and developing truly unique personalities. My favorite part of our playdate was an exchange regarding a rolling pin. Gretta asked if I had any cookies and I told her no. Then she asked if we could make cookies. I let her know that I did not have the ingredients for making cookies. She looks at me and matter of factly told me "Well you should..." Yes, yes I should have all the things to make cookies and I hang my head in shame.

Today is your birthday... It's my birthday too! Okay, not really. Today is Berkeley's birthday. He got to have that amazing chocolate cake pictured above.

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow. We finally got substantial snowfall. It was perfect weather for getting together with a friend for tea. Caramelized Pear in a tiny teapot with a tiny honey pot and an adorable tea cup with a bird on it!

Most of our day was spent up on the mountain. Berkeley had the day off and I still needed to sign the last of my hiring paperwork so up the mountain we went. As we slowly drove the 7 miles up Snow Bowl Rd. There was a nice layer of snow and I couldn't help but hum to myself "Every day is a winding road..." knowing full well that for the next few months this will be my course. However, the view was spectacular and worth it! It was so very pretty.

Today was a day for errands! Library, Post Office, and general "running around" were all on the list. The weather was crisp and the roads were a little icy so it was a perfect time to pull out my gloves, scarf, ear warmers, the whole nine yards. It was nice to pal around town with Berkeley before his work week officially started.

The weather outside is frightful so it is the perfect day for staying warm with soup and stories on the Kindle. This is the perfect winter afternoon. I am currently reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. It is the only one from the series I didn't read before the movie and it was a free borrow from Amazon Prime. It has been great finishing the series with all the details that didn't make the films. The only thing that could make this better would be Berkeley home as well.

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