Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Currently: December

celebrating the birth of another little one in our group of friends!
keeping up with the written documentation for Project Life.
hoping to be in a different timezone this time next week. 
loving how the holidays are shaping up so far.
settling into my new job with little ones on the Mountain.
feeling my pulled butt muscle with every step. 
embracing the learning curve.
trudging through snow most days in the week.
praying for the strength and patience to make it through certain conflicts.
trying to not be disappointed by things I have yet to accomplish.
using Netflix DVDs more than we have in the last few years.
marveling over the pace at which this year is passing.
attending all of the holiday festivities and events this year.
noticing each year I become more and more nostalgic.
making Christmas wish lists.
asking Santa for some new gadgets this year. 
remembering I am an adult and still wishing for Santa to make an appearance. 

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